Scottish History and Scottish Literature Panel, 24 April 2018

In the penultimate evening of Historical Conversations the topic was ‘Scottish History and Scottish Literature’. Held on 24 April 2018 Professor Ted Cowan chaired a session in which poet Henry Marsh exchanged ideas with James Robertson, whose best-known works include Joseph Knight (2003) and The Testament of Gideon Mack (2006). (L-R: Dr Catriona MacDonald, Prof […]

Gender History Panel, 20 Feb. 2018

Historical Conversations hosted its eighth event on 20 February 2018, with a discussion about Gender History. The speakers were Prof. Lynn Abrams (University of Glasgow), Prof. Eleanor Gordon (University of Glasgow), Prof. Jane Rendall (University of York). The conversation was chaired by Dr. Catriona Macdonald. The event included a display of documents from Glasgow University Special Collections. The collection of recipe books, household books and […]


Historical Conversations continued in the second semester with a discussion of Highland history on 30th January 2018 between Ewen Cameron, Sir William Fraser Chair of History and Paleography at the University of Edinburgh, and James Hunter, formerly Professor of History at the University of the Highlands and Islands, chaired by Dr Martin MacGregor of the […]

T.M. Devine

Historical Conversations kicked off in the second semester with Brian Taylor (BBC) interviewing Prof. T.M. Devine. Prof. Devine discussed his long career in Scottish universities (Strathclyde, Aberdeen and Edinburgh) from the 1960s up to 2014, a period that coincided with the re-birth (or birth?) of Scottish history as a discipline. As in other Historical Conversations events, ‘pop-up’ perspex boxes showcased […]


The fifth ‘Historical Conversations’ event was held on 5 December 2017 with Prof. Allan Macinnes (University of Strathclyde), Prof. Murray Pittock (University of Glasgow) and Prof. Chris Whatley (University of Dundee) discussing themes, approaches and perspectives in 18th century Scottish History – chaired by Dr. Stephen Mullen (University of Glasgow).   Three manuscript sources were […]


The fourth ‘Historical Conversations’ event was held on 14 November 2017 with Prof. Hamish Fraser (University of Strathclyde), Prof. Callum Brown (University of Glasgow) and Prof. Richard Finlay (University of Strathclyde) discussing cultural, political and social perspectives in Modern Scottish History. The narrative of Modern Scottish History is often, but not exclusively, told through the […]